How to Get Yourself Out of Dating Mismatch in a Nice Way


Blind Dates are now becoming more popular these days due to the fact that most people are now trying to find love in a rather adventurous way. The truth is, blind dates only have a very little success rate. In other words, most blind dates will make you wish that you don’t get in there in the first place. However, ditching or leaving your date can be very traumatic. So if you don’t want to commit that kind of mistake, you must better not to have a date next time.

Get Yourself Out of Dating Mismatch in a Nice Way
Get Yourself Out of Dating Mismatch in a Nice Way


Let’s just say that you’re now in a dating mismatch. Here are some of the things that you must do in order to end or leave a date in a more honorable way:


  1. Pretend that you are sick. This is the easiest thing and the most popular action that was usually done by those who experience dating mismatches. However, this will only work if you want your date to end earlier than was expected. Other than that, it will just make your date think that you just don’t want to be with him or her.


  1. Call a family, relative or a close friend for rescue. Well…if you just can’t bear the strain of being with your date, call someone you know for some help. This can somehow help you but there’s a chance that it will make your dating experience from bad to worse.


  1. Just tell your date the truth. Telling the truth is the best way in order to get out of dating mismatch the honorable way. If you or your date feels somewhat awkward during that time, you can just tell him or her the truth in a nice way.



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