How to attract men in public

How to attract men in public – 6 Steps

Many a times we love to have some strong connection or flirt in a light hearted way.  For both these things one needs to attract the opposite sex so that both the things can be done.  It should not be done in a very obvious or hitting manner.  This should be in a subtle way which is nice and also at the same time the other person understands your intention so that he may reciprocate in an appropriate manner which will help you know if he is also replying in a positive way or is not interested at all.


How to attract men in public
How to attract men in public


Start with the proper staging.   Public place is the best option to meet anyone new. Try to pick places where you think you will meet the kind of people you want to. A bar might be a nice place to meet someone but you are more likely to meet someone with a drinking problem.

Think there is no “the rest”, there is only ME.  The best thing is to be yourself, do not think about what others are thinking about you.  Don’t try and copy other women in the public place.  You can attract a person by simply being yourself.

Make elongated eye contact with hot men. In any situation prolonged eye contact will give him the message that you have an interest in him. The bigger your smile is an indication to him how aggressive you want him to be. No smile at all and it may be several chance encounters before he says something to you. A big smile may send him running your way.

Dress to impress, but be modest.  Make sure that you dress well, but do not over do it.  Dress in what suits you best and should go with your physique.

Don’t engage in false advertising. If you have to look too inviting to attract a guy, believe me, you don’t want him.

Be confident. Expect that most men that you meet will never get beyond being an acquaintance. Most men prefer the confident, happy women. So don’t be afraid to make the first move, don’t be afraid to engage a man in conversation.

Last but not the least do no be desperate  to get a guy.

How to attract men in public
How to attract men in public