How to avoid an ex-girlfriend

How to avoid an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend – 4 steps

There are many who get into relationships, but when it does not work out they break-up.  It so happens that even after the breakup he or she keeps texting, calling or following you.  Have you experienced this?  Sometimes the Ex wants to get back together and sometimes you would want to get back together, it is really difficult and you know that it is a bad choice.  The best is to avoid your Ex and fast.  There are few methods by which you can be successful in avoiding them completely.


How to avoid an ex-girlfriend
How to avoid an ex-girlfriend


Follow these steps:

  • Remember what your ex’s schedule looks like in school:  Avoid the hall ways that you have seen him walk and try to stay away from your locker as much as you can.  It is better to carry your stuff as your ex might wait for you in the locker for you to return.
  • Don’t go to sports even that your ex plays:  It is better not to attend the sports even that your ex is mostly likely to be a part of or is going to be in the audience.
  • Block him or her in all your social networking websites:  Better to block your ex from your social networking websites as this might give him or her a chance to see what you are up to.
  • If everything else fails then confide in an adult:  All of the technique fails then it is better to tell an adult who can help you in the situation.  This way you can get out of it much easily and in a better manner.


How to avoid an ex-girlfriend
How to avoid an ex-girlfriend


Break-ups are normal and it is also normal that your ex tries to stay in touch with your or wants to get back to be together.  It is always best to avoid him or her and not to get back.  Because, there was a reason why you broke up now getting back does not make sense.  Lead a happy and carefree life by not maintaining any kind of relation with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.