Role of women in family

How to be a family women, Role of women in family

In today’s day and generation women handle different kinds of roles and responsibility.  Sometimes it becomes difficult for them to focus on both the world properly.  Most of them are working women and have to balance work and home equally.  This is where many fail to become a family woman.  It becomes a great test for them that they need to pass in order to get the tag of family women, who fulfills all the house responsibility and also raises the children extremely well without any problems and issues.  It does not matter how she does her office work, but she is only judged on being a family women.


  • Do it your way:  There is no set rules or regulations one needs to do the things in their own way.    Just have a clear thinking and know what needs to be prioritized and what can be handled later.  This itself will help you a lot.
  • Be patient:  Whether you are married or not the person that you live with is undoubtedly the person with whom you spend most of your time.  The main piece of advice is to become the king or queen of patience.
  • Care for children:  Children on the other hand need a more active approach.  Fast reflexes are the key to reactions of every changing, highly emotional, tiny person is definitely what you need.
  • Care for the elders:  Take good care of the elders because they need all your attention and support in different situations, especially when they are not well.
  • Be yourself:  In the end always be yourself and follow your technique this makes you unique and people will like you for what you are.  Copying others does not make sense and will not last for long.


Role of women in family
Role of women in family


It is easy to be a family women.  Give time to your family, children, house and elders.  This way you will know what is going on in the house and who needs what kind of help and attention.  It will only make you find solution for all the problems and keep your family happy always

Role of women in family
Role of women in family