How to be a good father

How to be a good father, qualities of a good father

It is not easy to be a good father.  The way it is important to be a good mother, father also has an important role to play.  No matter what age your child is, a fathers work is never done.  He should be a disciplinarian, role model and should be present for the children.  All these things are extremely important.  Just follow the steps to be a good father

  • Being present:  Make time for your children.  You might be the big boss at work, have a bungalow or an expensive car.  All these things do not matter to your child.  He or she only wants your time with them.  See to it that you are home for dinner, you take the kids out on Sundays and if you are unable to do that then plan and watch their favorite game or movie with them.
  • Be there for the milestones:  Planning daddy time each week is great way of strengthening your relationship with your children.  At the same time you should be present with them on their first day of school, your daughter’sfirst ballet recital and your children’s graduation.  No matter how buys you are take-out time for all these things and do not let other commitments interfere.
  • Teach your children the important lessons:  You should be present to teach your children the basic things of life, as well as the important things.  You can teach your son, how to shave, ride a bike and drive a car when the time comes.  You should be present to teach basic hygiene to your children.
  • Develop strong communication:  It is extremely important that the communication that you have with your children is on a regular basis and is strong.  This will ensure that the children communicate with you easily without any hesitation.
  • Plan trips with children.
  • Reward them when needed.


How to be a good father
How to be a good father


Following all of the above will definitely make you a good father and your children would want to be with you and spend as much time possible with you.


How to be a good father
How to be a good father