How to know if your Ex misses you

How to know if your Ex misses you, how to know if your ex still loves you

It is not easy to forget your past relationships, that too if you have broken up very recently.  It is very natural that your Ex would definitely miss you and would want to talk to you or text you and would want to make the contact with you.  Sometimes they do not do these things, but really miss you very badly.  If he or she does not show that they do miss you, even then you can find out if they do by few clues to confirm or reject your suspicions.


How to know if your Ex misses you
How to know if your Ex misses you


Note any awkward phone calls. If your ex still misses you, expect to receive a lot of phone calls and text messages at random. Usually, he or she will do this under the pretense of checking in on you, but a clever ex may hide his or her feelings by coming up with a good excuse for contacting you

Monitor your ex’s overall attitude toward you. If your ex seems warm and affectionate whenever you run into each other—even more so than when the two of you were going out—there might be some lingering feelings there. This is even more likely to be the case if your ex pays special attention to you whenever you do run into each other.

Touch on the topic of touch. When you are in the presence of your ex, pay attention to any forms of physical contact he or she initiates, even if that contact seems innocent or casual. People who are trying to attract someone for the first time often find excuses to touch their target.

Figure out if your ex is stuck in the past. If your ex brings up “the good ol’ days” when you were both together, it could be a sign that he or she wants to return to those days.

Find out how often he or she contacts your friends and family

Look for a current picture

Watch out for addictions

Follow all of the above indications and you would know if your ex still misses you and wants you back or not.


How to know if your Ex misses you
How to know if your Ex misses you