How to love a girl

How to love a girl – 6 Steps

Both the genders have different ideas and thoughts when it comes to expressing their love.  Girls will do it in a specific manner and boys will do it completely different way.  At times it so happens that the girl does not understand that you are interested in her and love her then there are certain things that you can do to show and express your feelings with which she will understand the meaning.  It is all about finding a balance between giving her love and affection and accepting her individuality.  There are few steps that you can follow which will help you with the situation.


How to love a girl
How to love a girl


  • Be affectionate:  Most girls love to be showered affection and compliments from the guy that they care about.  To be affectionate,  just give her a gentle touch,  put your arm around her, hold her hand, or do whatever you can do to give her that little physical touch.  Pick the right moments to let her know that you care and it will mean a lot than having your arm around her for hours.
  • Be supportive:  If you want to love your girl, then you have to support her as much as you can.  Being supportive could be anything from taking her to her favorite soccer game or encouraging her when she gets her job.  One should be supportive and tell her that she is capable of anything if she puts her mind into.
  • Be a gentleman: Being a gentleman will make her feel like you are paying special attention to her.  If you want her to feel loved, then you have got to make that extra effort.
  • Be thoughtful:  Take the time to really listen when she speaks.  Because once you understand what she means and react accordingly it will touch her heart.  Take the time to know what will make her happy.
  • Say the right thing at the right time.
  • Make the love last

All of the above things are important and one should follow them so that your girl can feel important and special all the time.


How to love a girl
How to love a girl