How to Perform a French Kiss with Your Lover


It is no dirty secret that lovers “practice” the art of French kiss whenever they have the chance to.  The kiss was even popularized and romanticized by movies.  For young love birds who are curious enough how to perform a French kiss, here is a guide for you:


How to Perform a French Kiss with Your Lover
How to Perform a French Kiss with Your Lover

Get Ready

  1. Keep your lips soft and kissable. You can use chapstick daily to keep your lips moisturized, giving it a soft texture.  It is a great turn-off to have dry and flaky lips!  You can also drink at least 1-2 glasses of water 20 minutes before the planned kiss.
  2. If you have a romantic dinner date, avoid eating spicy meals or those with garlic and onions as main flavour. Keep of the coffee, milk, and corn away, too.  Keep menthol candy or mint gums handy.  You can also buy breath freshener spray to have that instant fresh breath.
  3. Have that suggestive, sexy smile on your lips.  This will actually set that romantic mood and will send invitation to your lover.


Almost There

  1. Make eye contact and wear the classic half-droopy eyelids to make your eyes more tantalizing. It sets up the mood hugely!
  2. Lower down your boundaries and do the move. You might find this a little aggressive, but heck, you’re preparing for a French kiss!  So drop the tightness and give way to more cuddly moments.


Up close

  1. Tilt your head in the opposite direction of your partner in order to avoid head banging. Do it gently, slowly and gracefully.  Remember how the lovers in the movies do that one act fluidly, then do it.
  2. Close your eyes before having that contact.
  3. Touch your partner’s lips with your lips ever so slightly in a very tempting way.
  4. Back away slightly, maintaining very few centimeters apart. Open your mouth slightly and touch your lover’s tongue tentatively.
  5. As moments pass, feel free to explore more with each other’s tongue but not too deep. You don’t want your partner to be turned off just when you are savouring the moment.
  6. Breathe and do it again if you both want to.
How to Perform a French Kiss with Your Lover
How to Perform a French Kiss with Your Lover



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