How to Propose to a Man

How to Propose to a Man – 5 Steps

Normally, it is men who do the proposing to the girl of their dreams. But times have changed and women are almost as assertive as men—at least, in the matter of proposing.  Modern women would like to think that they can do equally with men.  And even if this is not your case (with you simply wanting to tell your man that you want him in your life, for the rest of your years), then just butt in and read these point-by-point advice about ways in how to propose to your man.

How to Propose to a Man
How to Propose to a Man


  • Answer this very crucial personal question first: Are you 100% sure that you want to tie the knot?
  • Aren’t you just being affected with the spirit of marrying? Didn’t you just get the bug from your best friend’s recent wedding?


  • Ask your man of his opinion about marriage and commitment.
  • Well, the two words are HUGE…period. You wouldn’t want to go through all those romantic ceremony just to be rejected at the last moment, would you? So do the dirty research by asking him of his outlook about the two huge words.  However, be ready to get hurt or… exhilarated.  Just be emotionally geared up, okay?


  • Assuming that he’s okay with the idea—and he’s excited—of commitment and marriage, plan the proposal.
  • Summon all your creativity and organizing skills as you plan for the big day.
  • Try to write lines on how you would ask your man in asking his hand in marriage.


  • Try to look for something other than the typical engagement ring.
  • You might want a necklace, a wrist watch or a pocket watch. The main key is to select something that he would rather have than an overrated ring.
  • Place the item in a place or thing that is related to his hobby.


  • He may have given a positive response or vibes during your one-on-one talk with him. But he may give a totally different reaction on the occasion.
  • You might be given a surprise in two forms during the occasion: the positive one or (its complete reverse) the negative counterpart.
  • If it’s a positive answer, then—yay!—go and plan your wedding with him.
  • On the other hand, if he says that he still needs time, then talk with him and really clarify the things you share together. You are worthy of someone or something better of course, so give yourself a break.  Consider things and if things between the two of you won’t really work out, then decide on it quickly.  Needless to say, you still must deal with the repercussions.
How to Propose to a Man
How to Propose to a Man