How to be a more loving and compassionate spouse?

If you gift your partner with flowers, chocolates and back rubs but there is no compassion while you are with your better-half then you are doing just half of your job.

loving and compassionate spouse
loving and compassionate spouse

Compassion is as important as concepts like love, care and understanding in a relationship. It’s just that you need to find out where compassion is lacking specifically. Is it your life or your career or your relationship with your batter-half? Remember one thing all these easy concepts which are main ingredients of any relationship do not mean anything when there is no compassion. Let’s have a look at some tricks which can change your relationship for the better and you’ll feel more happy and joyous throughout.

1)      Leave the expectations and accept everything as it comes your way spontaneously.

2)      Avoid asking “What’s wrong?” rather start asking “what do you need from me?” as it is not necessary that there has to be something wrong always.

3)      All days are not same. Sometimes you may have bad days. Instead of cribbing accept them and embrace them and be there for your partner. But make sure that your partner needs all that compassion failing which you may end up in an argument or disappointment.

4)      Don’t say the same things or be stereotypical while you are compassioning your partner. Try to get out of habit of saying what you have heard many times.

5)      Have a discussion with your partner about compassion and ask what it really means to them. You can also your desires about compassion while you are together.

6)      Compassion can be different for you and for your partner. So just accept that.

7)      Compassion doesn’t carry emotions that you have started sobbing so avoid doing that.

8)      Touch your partner here and there and let him/her feel that you are with them without communicating in words.

9)      Compassion is all about being for someone else. So instead of saying anything. Listen what your partner says and shut up.

10)  Even if you are not wrong accept it as this is a great way of compassionating your better-half.

11)  You can also share your own story and connect well with your partner when he/she needs you the most.

12)  Speak truth as honesty is equivalent to compassion.

13)  You can also gift your partner with little things for instance hand-picked flowers.

14)  Instead of saying “I understand”. Its’ better to say “Tell me more about how you’re feeling” as there may be cases you wouldn’t understand a single thing.

15)  Stop pushing your partner. If he/she needs space, let it be.

16)  There may be a difference in what you call as compassion and what they actually require from you. So avoid doing what they don’t like.

17)  See if you really care or you are just pretending to be compassionate out of expectations of return.

18)   Don’t compassionate you partner just for the sake of fulfilling the adage ‘Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you?”

19)  Also take care of yourself as compassion doesn’t mean that you suppress your needs.

20)  Always draw a line as compassions never means behaving the way you partner wants you to be.