Rejected Because She was Overweight

Rejected Because She was Overweight: How to Deal with It

It’s not surprising anymore that people tend to judge another person just because of his or her looks. It’s not surprising at all because it’s natural for people to judge others because of what they see. And because of that reason, most people suffer rejection whenever others pass wrong judgment towards them. And to top it all, it’s a very sad thing to know that there’s a guy in existence who had dumped a girl just because she’s overweight.

Rejected Because She was Overweight
Rejected Because She was Overweight


Just recently, an open letter was posted online by a woman who had suffered from a guy in this way. Those who have read the open letter was baffled by the woman’s courage and also got enraged because of the man’s shameful conduct.


However, it’s very interesting to know that just by reading her open letter, you can also learn very important things from her. So if you’re a plus-sized woman and you experienced rejection in the same way, these are the things that you should do in order to be okay once again:


  1. Learn to Differentiate between fragile vibes and strong connections. Whenever some guy confesses to you, remember to do some “background check” first. Even though it’s called ‘being skeptic’ by some, it’s actually what people call “playing it safe” strategy. Ridiculous as it may seem, please remember that loving someone is also an investment. In this case, you’re not just investing your time and money just to build up a long-lasting relationship; you’re also investing your heart and self-being.


  1. Rebuild Your shattered self-confidence. Getting rejected because of your looks or stature is actually more degrading than getting cheated by the one you loved. Needless to say, your confidence level will definitely be shattered. Even though rebuilding it seems very hard for you to do, it’s not entirely impossible. Rebuilding self-confidence differs in each person. However, always remember that no one’s going to rebuild yours except YOU.


  1. Keep yourself away from negativity. When I say negativity, I don’t refer to things that are hurtful for you to hear and hard for you to admit. Negativity here means things or actions that won’t benefit you in the positive way such as harsh criticisms or even bullying. In order to be more specific, refrain yourself from meeting people that won’t contribute to your personality development.


  1. Keep hold of those who really cherish you. Needless to say, always remember and try to be with those who really accept you despite your looks or the way you behave. They’re the ones who can love you for who you are, as long as you’re true to yourself.