Your Girlfriend Is Using You

6 Tell-tale Signs When Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Merely Using You

You may be in your current relationship because of your genuine feelings towards your partner and your relationship with him or her.  On the other hand, how do you know if he or she commits the same sincerity in your relationship?  How sure are you that your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t merely using you as a tool to meet their current needs?  We’ve jotted down some tell-tale signs here.  Why don’t you secretly check them out if they’re present in your current beau or sweetheart?


Your  Girlfriend Is Using You
Your Girlfriend Is Using You


  1. He’s all about kissing and fooling around. Relationships aren’t all about kissing and caresses. While this activity is fun (who says it’s not?!), you must know that if you’re truly that special to him, he will want to know more about you in numerous ways other than making out.


  1. She’s more interested with your friends. Don’t get us wrong… but if your best buddy is the hottest guy in your circle, and she’s more into him than you, it’s time for you to wake up.  She’s merely using you to get into him.


  1. He or she is more into sex or material gain. When a girl sets her limits and the guy still tries to take advantage, it’s quite clear that he just wants to get into her pants.  When a girl uses a guy as her ATM/ Credit card, it’s clear that she wants him for material purposes only.


  1. He is not interested on things that interest you. There’s no promised growth in your relationship here. If you’re really important to him, he has to know those petty little things that make you happy and contribute to who you are.


  1. She is really not into spending quality time with you. While you are always thinking of ways to spend quality time with her whether on a picnic or simply hanging out, she seems to be ready of millions of excuses not to let those chances happen.  You have to take note of her excuses, most have the word LAME posted all over them.


  1. He or she doesn’t want it to be official. Some people value privacy, so it’s understandable if they don’t want to post that “In relationship with…” status in Facebook or other social networking sites.  However, if he or she insists of making it quiet even to your circle of friends, you better watch out.


Your Boyfriend  Is Using You
Your Boyfriend Is Using You