Crush Feels the Same About You

Signs That Your Crush Feels the Same About You

Who hasn’t experienced ‘crushes’ in their lifetime?  Having that breath-taking moment as your crush fleetingly passes by may be one of the most exciting moments in your life. More thrilling is when you get to know that your crush feels the same way about you.  So how do you know this?

Crush Feels the Same About You
Crush Feels the Same About You


  1. About Him: He sings his own praises. The psychology of his act on this matter is to deem himself worthy of you.  He wants you to know that you can be proud of him, too. While some of women are easily turned off of this male tactic, many could still see through the sheer veneer of this kind of arrogance.


  1. About Her: She wants to communicate. Admit it.  Girls are good communicators (or simply put, ‘talkers’).  They want to express themselves with words most especially to “that” person she considers special.  However, take it a cue when she wouldn’t want to talk with you.  The answer is as plain as an ouch-y “not interested.”


  1. Stolen glimpses. Of course you have to be 100% sure about this. Chances shouldn’t be limited to one or two times only.  But if you get three and still counting, go and get ready yourself.  Chances are he or she is interested!


  1. Befriending your BFF. What’s much better way to know about you than getting through your best bud? Boys and girls alike often do this trick.  When they’re shy about approaching you directly, they use your best friend as their best gate to research about you and eventually get to you.


Crush Feels the Same About You
Crush Feels the Same About You


Crush Likes You BackCrush Likes You Back
Crush Likes You Back