How to Create Your Perfect Tattoo

How to Create Your Perfect Tattoo

A Tattoo can be a trendy piece of art but many years ago, a tattoo had been a symbol of rebels and social outcasts including bikers, carnival freaks and sailors.  Nonetheless, teenagers and middle aged adults alike, nowadays, are proud to show a dragon on their biceps or a butterfly on their ankle.  Tattoos had been a part of some culture since Stone Age, ancient Greeks and other civilizations across the globe.

How to Create Your Perfect Tattoo
How to Create Your Perfect Tattoo


But how are tattoos created?

In creating your tattoo, you just can’t go and get yourself tattooed without even thinking about it.  Others got their tattoo as a sign of bonding or because they were once a part of a fraternity or sorority.  Before you let anyone make some designs on any part of your body, think a hundred times and consider the following:



Do you want to show your tattoo to everyone or just it somewhere in your body?   When you begin planning where to put your tattoo, consider its location, visibility and discretion.  Some wants their tattoos on highly visible areas like the face, arms, fingers, legs or ankles.  Other wants them partly hidden like placing them either on their backs or chest and extending upward to their necks.  Some on the biceps and covering the upper part of the forearms. For others who want them totally hidden from scrutiny of other, they have them on their butt, hips, breast, surrounding the navel, etc.



After determining their location, think of the size that can cover that specific part of the body.  If you want it from your chest or back and extending to your neck, then you need a rather big image for it such as a dragon maybe or a serpent.  But if you choose to have it in your ankle or wrist, then just a small image will do.



Thinking of the design is where the fun is.  You can choose any design that suits your taste.  You can even go further and be romantic or sentimental in your choice.  You can choose the proper color for the design you had chosen.  Some prefer black and white while others can be more colorful in their choices.


The artist

As soon as you had everything settled, Find the right artist to do the job.  If you can do it yourself, then you can.  However, it’s always better to let others do it for you as it involved pain which could affect your performance.