Sexy Spots for a Girl’s Tattoo

Different Sexy Spots for a Girl’s Tattoo

A tattoo can go scandalous or inconspicuous depending on how you like it.  But sexy tattoos are usually those that left something to the mind of the one seeing it.  Today, we are going to tackle these parts of the body that are considered sexy setting for a piece of art.

Sexy Spots for a Girl’s Tattoo
Sexy Spots for a Girl’s Tattoo


Back of the neck

The back part of the neck is usually hidden because it is usually covered by the girl’s hair unless she intends to flaunt it by tying her hair pushed up and tied with a knot. Others do better by having their hair placed on one side.  Girls placing tattoos on this part knows it can serve as a come-on to a guy.  Next to lips, passionate kisses start on this area before it travels to other parts.


Collar Bone

Putting your favorite design of a tattoo can enhance the beauty of your skin and face.  Just make sure it won’t appear offensive.  Cute little designs looks sexy your collar bone.  You also hide it by using long-necked clothes or large necklaces if you want them to remain inconspicuous or hidden.


Lower Stomach

On this part of your body, you can choose a tattoo of any sizes.  You can have a tiny piece or choose to go extreme by covering that part of your body.  Others find it extremely sexy to flaunt their tattoos on this part by wearing midriffs.



Any kid of design will surely look sexy on a girl if placed on her thighs.  Most girls opted to have their tattoo on this part to bring men’s attention on their legs.  A tattoo can always highlight your best feature.  So if you got nice, shapely legs, flaunt them!  A nice piece of tattoo can be a bonus to a nice beautiful spot.



A girl’s mid-back is a nice place for designing a tattoo.  The sexiness of a girl’s back is even more emphasized with a small to medium-sized piece of art especially when it’s black and white which can look elegant on a tattoo.  A very large design on the back can make a girl appears cheap.



Some tattoo is exquisitely designed looks elegant on a girl’s shoulder.  As girls are used to wearing off-shoulder, halter or any fashion that shows much of her shoulders, a nice piece of art could flaunt not only her shoulders but the art itself.