Do’s and Don’ts in Regards to Contouring

Do’s and Don’ts in Regards to Contouring

When it comes to makeup nowadays, we are constantly hearing the word Contouring. To those who didn’t know, contouring is the makeup style that can possibly enhance and change your facial features by means of using makeup. By adding makeup in your cheekbones, jaw line, nose and forehead, you can literally enhance and change your look. Depending on your ability and features, contouring can make you look more beautiful than before.


Contouring techniques are now being updated as the time goes by so it’s just common for women to get themselves updated with the latest trend. However, there are a few do’s and don’ts concerning this makeup trend, things that you must always remember whenever you do this one.


    1. Don’t make your facial shade too dark. Most women believe that the darker you skin and facial color, the more contouring will define your facial features. The truth is, aside from the fact that this saying is not true, putting darker shades on your face will just make you look muddy. Whenever you put makeup, make sure that you’re doing it inside a well-lighted place so that you can see clearly what you are actually doing.

Do’s and Don’ts in Regards to Contouring


  1. Always remember to blend colors whenever you contour your face. Contouring disasters usually occur due to the fact that most women forget to blend the right colors, therefore making the lines very obvious. If you are using cream makeup, make sure that you blend it by using foundation brushes or blender sponges. On the other hand, use blush and powder brushes whenever you use face and bronzing powders. This will make your own makeup look polished and smooth.


  1. Always remember not to use too much highlighter. Aside from wrong or poor color blending, contouring disasters also occur when women tend to put too much highlighter on their faces. If wrong blending can make you look muddy, too much highlighter will make you look greasy, if not oily. To those who didn’t know, highlighters are only used to highlight the face areas you want to get emphasized. Wrong highlighter usage often results in the look that you’ve put on much makeup. The right highlighter application involves putting some down your nose, forehead and cheekbones. Highlighter in these areas can perfectly match with your contour. If you have fair up to medium skin, always remember using light highlighter shades. If you tend to have a darker skin tone, use a warm-colored one.