Eliminate Dark Circles

How to Eliminate Dark Circles in 3 Steps

If you’re a workaholic or a somewhat busy type of person, having dark circles or ‘that panda look’ under your eyes isn’t a new issue for you. However, it is a very sensitive one, especially if you’re a working woman (or even a man) that it somehow conscious about what he or she looks like. Most of us don’t care, as long as we’re inside the house. But how about how we look when we’re outside? It’s a different matter, though since having these dark circles is a confidence breaker.


Eliminate Dark Circles
Eliminate Dark Circles


So how can we remove those dark circles? You can eliminate these ‘eye bags’ in three easy steps.



Treating before you Moisturize

In order to remove the dark circles, we must treat the skin first. Use a hydrating eye cream two times a day (that is, every morning and evening). Apply a thin layer under your eye, tapping it gently as it dries. Be careful when applying eye creams, though: the skin under our eyes is somehow sensitive.



Choosing the right Skin Color Corrector                                      

Use a skin color corrector (it’s different than a concealer) before putting in a concealer. Choose the right color for your skin and apply this very carefully. Use just enough to lighten the dark circles evenly under your eyes.



Applying the Right Eye bag Concealer

Use concealers that are close or somehow lighter than your skin type. Since our goal is to eliminate these dark circles, we must choose a color that is closer to our natural skin tone. Just blend the colors until you achieve that ‘fresh’ look.