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How to Make Dimples in Your Cheeks

To those who didn’t know, dimples are marks that look like piercings in people’s cheeks whenever they smile. Even though doctors constantly say that dimples are a kind of facial defect, most people often find it very attractive.

How to Make Dimples in Your Cheeks


If you’re one of those people who wanted to have dimples in their cheeks, be informed that there are different ways for you to have it. Listed below are the ways in order for you to have fake dimples, ranging from the easy ones up to the hardest:


  1. The Bottle Cap Method – Being the easiest one, the bottle cap method can give you fake dimples while you’re taking your selfies in your home. In order to do this, place the opening of a small, clean and sanitized bottle cap (whether plastic or metal) inside your mouth, the cap’s opening facing the inside part of your cheeks. Carefully squeeze your cheek inside the bottle cap‘s opening until it stays in place. However, it is advised that you only do one fake dimple or else you might swallow the caps especially if it’s small.


  1. The Eye Shadow and Eye Liner Combination Method – Needless to say, you’re going to need an eye shadow and an eye liner in order to do this method. Since natural dimples are found in the person’s smile crease line or the folds that are usually created whenever people smile. When you know the exact place, draw on that part in your cheeks by using the eye liner. Once done, put on some eye shadow on that comma in order to make it look natural. And finally, take a look at the mirror whether you achieved that dimple. If it isn’t, just wash your makeup and try again.


  1. Dimple Piercings – If you want long-lasting dimples, you may consider getting yourself a dimple pierce. If this is done right, the dimple piercings can actually look like natural dimples. However, due to the fact that our cheeks tend to become the most vulnerable place for skin infections, most doctors don’t do dimple piercings. To those who do, on the other hand, usually makes sure that they only do it for people of legal age.


  1. Cosmetic Surgery – Since dimples acquire from piercings usually don’t last longer than five years (except for the scars), cosmetic surgery is especially recommended if you want yourself to have a dimple for the rest of your life. The procedure involves getting the patient’s cheek or both cheeks incised or cut open by the surgeon. By means of special surgical tools, the surgeon will then make a small indentation on the patient’s cheek muscles either by putting a dimple divot or, for larger dimples, remove a portion of cheek muscles before closing the wound.