Matte Eyeshadow

For Women: How to Master Matte Eyeshadow in Five Easy Steps

 Nowadays, most women consider applying makeup as an art of some sort. Due to the fact that the most skilled application of makeup in a person’s face yields very acceptable results, most women and makeup artists are now trying to master everything that makeup has to offer.


To those who didn’t know, eyeshadow plays a very significant role in a woman’s face. An application of eyeshadow could either make the woman’s entire face look bold, fierce, glamorous, cute, beautiful and sometimes, awkward. And using matte eyeshadow puts all of these probabilities in a higher level. Matte Eyeshadow can be somewhat intimidating to apply, especially if you don’t know the rules. However, if you’re interested to know this one, listed below are the rules that you must always remember whenever you use a matte eyeshadow as a part of your facial makeup.

For Women: How to Master Matte Eyeshadow in Five Easy Steps

  1. Using primer is a must. Whenever you apply matte eyeshadow, always make sure that you’re using a primer that is actually close to your own skin tone. Primers were designed to enhance the makeup color aside from the fact that it also makes the matte eyeshadow stick firmly into the right place.


  1. Always use the right brushes for matte eyeshadow. Whenever you apply a matte eyeshadow, make sure that you use the right brushes in order for it to stay in place. In addition to that, make sure that you use the brush in the right way.


  1. Use a highlighter when necessary. Just because you’re using matte eyeshadow doesn’t mean that you don’t need to use a highlighter at all. Even though matte eyeshadows are designed to have a natural shimmer, applying the right amount of highlighter will definitely improve your overall look. However, always remember that too much highlighter will make you look awkward.


  1. Apply some eyeliner between your eyelashes. Whenever you put some eyeliner on, you’ll have to create a clean line but make sure that the line doesn’t interfere with the eyeshadow’s effect. When used along with matte eyeshadows, the eyeliner gives your eyes a clean and polished effect.


  1. Finish the trick by using mascara. As a finishing touch, you must not forget to curl your eyelashes and put some mascara on. Since applying mascaras usually become messy, always remember that curling your eyelashes and putting on some mascara should be the last thing that you must do.