How to Remove Facial or Chin Hair

How to Remove Facial or Chin Hair (For the Girls Only)

So, okay… for men, beard and moustache are forgivable and can be adorable (great for big, old Santa Claus). But for women… even the sound of a single dark and thick hair sprouting out of chin, can be pretty much alarming.  For some, it can be downright terrifying or gross.


Here’s a spoiler (if ever it is): All women have facial and body hair.  However, those hairs tend to be thin or fine and light in coloring. These normal textured hairsare usually called, ‘peach fuzz.’


How to Remove Facial or Chin Hair
How to Remove Facial or Chin Hair



Unfortunately, some women have excessive, coarse and dark hair on their face or body.     This kind of condition is called, hirsutism wherein the pattern and texture of hair strands depict the hair growth on male. It occurs when there is hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body wherein androgen (or male hormones) goes higher than its normal level.  While hirsutism can be managed through medicine intake prescribed by your doctor, you can also perform nonmedical management of these unwanted hairs, particularly those on your facial area.


  • Shaving
  • Shaving is a method highly recommended for those who are undergoing electrolysis or laser treatments. If you’re not taking those treatments, might as well skip this method and try something else. For those who does, make sure that you apply shaving cream, gel or oil and aftershave before and after shaving.


  • Laser and Electrolysis
  • Of the two, electrolysis is the much better method as it does not choose a particular hair or skin color. However it gets fair amount of money from your pocket as electrolysis sessions tend to extend more than those of laser treatment.


  • Waxing and Sugaring
  • Hair should be quarter an inch long before waxing. You can personally do this method at home, even without the expertise of a professional.
  • On the other hand, sugaring can be done even with hair strands 1/16-inch long (for paste technique). It is also friendly for those who have sensitive skin types and can be less painful.


  • Tweezing
  • Got enough patience for strand-by-strand plucking? Tweezing can be performed as long as the hair growth in a particular area is not too dense.


  • Threading
  • Finally, the girl’s best friend when it comes to unwanted and coarse facial hairs… threading! If you have a threading salon within or near your area, don’t hesitate to give this method a chance.  This is excellent for all skin and hair types as it doesn’t include utilization of chemicals.
How to Remove Facial or Chin Hair
How to Remove Facial or Chin Hair


How to Remove Facial or Chin Hair
How to Remove Facial or Chin Hair