How to Remove Hair at Home without Shaving – 4 Steps


Women in particular are fond of silky, smooth skin and this does not only mean about zits-free skin.  This also may mean getting rid of facial or body hair. Many resort to shaving only to find out that this method is becoming a nuisance in time budget and the skin itself.  Here are several ways how to get rid off of hair but not by shaving:

How to Remove Hair at Home without Shaving
How to Remove Hair at Home without Shaving



What else are you expecting to top our list? Waxing kits are attainable almost in every kind of store.  Just follow the indicated instructions right in your kit and spend up to 6 weeks without worrying about stubborn hair growth.  Works best in areas like arms, bikini line, legs and toes.



This method may free 6 weeks of your time and doesn’t require professional skill. If you’re a first-timer, though, you may find yourself in pain.  This works on most areas with hair (yup, including down there).  Eyebrows can be fixed using this method, too.


Hair Removal Creams

This one method is a child’s play. All you need to do is lather the cream on area where the manufacturer advises to put it (like arms, bikini line, eyebrows, legs, or that area just above your upper lip). Wait for several minutes and remove the cream.  Downside of this, though, is when you have a really sensitive skin.  Its chemicals may cause irritation, so just it’s advisable to perform tests first.



Sugaring is created with natural ingredients; hence it’s more advisable for those with sensitive skin.  Since it’s best for sensitive skin, it can also be applied to those sensitive areas as well.  It also frees up to 6 weeks of your time.

Sugaring is available in two types: paste and gel. Of two, paste is more effective but more painful.


How to Remove Hair at Home without Shaving
How to Remove Hair at Home without Shaving



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