How To Wear Lavender Lips

How To Wear Lavender Lipstick – Painted Lips

Spring is shortly coming and for fashion color, lavender is in! Whether you are as boldly fashionable as Nicki Minaj or just someone who merely wants a lavender touch, we have prepared you a simple guide to achieve that accent you are aiming for.

How To Wear Lavender Lips
How To Wear Lavender Lips


The Soft and the Bold Looks

Tones and textures play vital roles for lavender hues.  If you want to achieve a soft lavender look, go for pink and purplish tones using lip balms, sheer lipsticks and soft-toned glosses. However if you’re into a bolder glamour, try to play with plum and berry toned lipsticks for they will surely to the magic.


Accentuate Your Eyes with Lavender Lips

Soft lavender lips go best with smoky look eye make-up or heavily applied eyeliner.   The apparent contrast of bolder eyes and soft lavender lips create elegant glamour already, so be careful in adding shimmer to the lids.  Don’t overdo it by applying heavy shimmers.  Moreover, be confident about your smile as lavender is enriched with blue-violet tone that casts pearly white effect on your teeth.


Don’t forget to give that face a model-like contour.

Wrap up the package by using bronze hued contour.  Be sure to blend the bronzer carefully, though, just right at the hollow of your cheeks to highlight your cheekbones. Fairer skin tends to give your face a flat-like and contour-less face while darker skin tones have contrasting effect, so adjust the bronzer very well. Use the help of the highlighter brush to polish up your look.


How To Wear Lavender Lips
How To Wear Lavender Lips