For Older Women How to Apply Eye Makeup

For Older Women: How to Apply Eye Makeup

Women usually tend to apply makeup in order to look younger. However, this kind of approach does not (and will not) apply to women of old age due to the fact that some makeup colors just won’t fit in an old woman’s face. Being said that, old women only apply makeup in order to make themselves look more fresh and lively for their age. This means that eye makeup tricks for older women must include fixing baggy eye circles, drooping eyelids and wrinkles that is usually found from the eye corners up to the hairline.

For Older Women How to Apply Eye Makeup
For Older Women How to Apply Eye Makeup


When applying eye makeup, these are the most important things that older women must remember:


  1. Putting Heavy Makeup can add more years to your Facial Look. Always remember that as your age progresses, less makeup must be applied to your face. Needless to say, applying makeup makes younger women look mature, therefore making older women look older.


  1. Always know your best features. In order to do this one, you must first take a good look of yourself in front of a mirror without putting any kind of makeup in your face. In case of your eyes, always try to find the right eye makeup color along with matching clothes that will make it stand out and emphasize its beautiful side.


  1. Put less eyeshadow in your eyes. For older women, the ‘less is more’ beauty rule applies perfectly. This means that in order to improve you eyes’ look, you must not put more than two different eyeshadow colors in your eyelids.


  1. Put a makeup primer and right Eyeliner. Putting a makeup primer in your eyes before anything else not only helps to keep your eyeshadow in place; it also improves your overall look. Always remember that the right eyeliner is somewhat darker that your original skin tone. This means that if you have a white skin, choose a brown-colored one and black if you have a darker skin tone.