Put Essential Oils in Your Skin

Why You Should Put Essential Oils in Your Skin

Oil is essential for our skin. It moistens and gives it a glowing effect.  Some people avoid using them thinking that oil can cause your pores to clog.  Nonetheless, they got it wrong there.  Cleansing your skin with oil to remove makeup, dust or dirt can keep your skin hydrated especially if you have dry skin.  Dry skin tends to produce a flaky skin.  Oil also nourishes your skin and makes it looks younger than your real age.  Even waterproof mascara, eyeliner and lip stains can be easily removed by oil.  Just take a small drop of the oil and massage it all over your face, then rinse with warm water and pat it dry.

Put Essential Oils in Your Skin
Put Essential Oils in Your Skin


Moisturizer and Anti-Aging Agent

For people who find it sticky and messy to use cream or lotion as a moisturizer, you may use oil as an option.  It can also be used as a primer before applying makeup on your face.  Oil also helps protect your skin from radical and acts as anti-aging treatment while it makes your complexion looks brighter and smoother.  Using oil is just perfect for dry, aging, sensitive and stressed skin.  Since oil is slippery to the skin, it is good for massage.  Just 1-2 drops of it, left to sit on your face for a few minutes will aid you in lessening the effect of the absorption of your makeup or foundation in your skin.  Use oil as a base before applying anything to your face.


Night Time Treatment

Oil can help you even at night time while you sleep.  Applying essential oils like rosewood and patchouli, along with hazelnut in your skin before retiring to bed rebalances your skin overnight and restores moisture loss and clears signs of aging.  This is why in the morning, you look blooming and well-rested.

Another thing that’s great about the use of oil is that is can be used by both sexes.  Slather oil across your loved ones and makes sure they too, can have the fun.


Not Only for your Body

Essential oils are not only for your face but can be used even in your hair and whole body with its amazing effects.  It can also be used to treat razor burns, allergy, and reactions to synthetic chemicals and fragrance.  A natural oil essence had no artificial colors and chemical scents that can do damage to your skin in any parts of your body.  Apply a few drops of body oil all over after you have taken your shower to lock in moisture and retain the freshness of your skin aside from the refreshing natural fragrance of an essential oil.