Swarovski Crystal Pedicure

Out of this World Spa Treatments

It’s only usual for us to have some kind of spa treatment in order to relieve ourselves from stress. Spa treatments are somewhat in demand every summer especially during hot days. Spa treatments usually involve massage and other kinds of reflexology techniques. However, if you think that massage is the only thing that a spa could give and it makes you feel somewhat boring, take a look at spa treatments that are listed below:

Swarovski Crystal Pedicure
Swarovski Crystal Pedicure


  1. Swarovski Crystal Pedicure – Yes, you have read this right: Pedicure now has a new kind of approach. If you’re planning to get some other kind of pedicure, you must try what the spa at Fontainebleau, Lapis has to offer you. Located at 4441 Collins Avenue, Lapis now offers its customers what they call Swarovski Crystal Pedicure. Needless to say, they are using real crystals for that.


  1. Diamond and Pearls treatment – Eau Spa, on the other hand, now offers their customers a new kind of exfoliation technique; that is, using precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and amethyst just to polish you up. Well…that’s good if dermabrasion still isn’t enough for you.


  1. Tangerine Mimosa Massage – Are you a citrus fan? If you are, better go Jurlique Spa which is located inside Mayfair Hotel and Spa. As of now, they are offering their customers some massage with a citrus twist: Lemon and Oranges along with some Mimosa. A very great way to put some variations in your morning cocktail.