Wax Your Bikini Area

How to Wax Your Bikini Area – 10 Steps

Are you interested in learning how to wax your bikini area in the privacy of your own home or room?  Good for you ‘cause you came across the right article.  The method we are going to use here applies for coarse hair and doesn’t require a strip.


Wax Your Bikini Area
Wax Your Bikini Area


  • Hard wax
  • Wax warmer
  • Wax remover
  • Pre-wax cleanser
  • Pre-epilation oil
  • Square-edge applicators
  • After- wax lotion (or aloe based gel)




  1. Purchase a waxing kit with hard wax for your bikini area.


  1. Grow bikini hair for at least a quarter inch long. If the hairs are long (exceeding half an inch), use hair clippers to trim them down.


  1. Apply pre-wax cleanser on skin and pre-epilation oil but don’t over-do the oiling.


  1. With the use of a wax applicator, apply wax as thick as a nickel at the opposite direction of hair growth. Now with the direction of growth to an area, apply 3-inch long and 2-inch wide wax in the same stroke.  Go past the point where the hair grows as you will use that part as a tab to remove the wax.


  1. Make sure that the wax has cooled so it will be hard enough so it will take away all of the hair in the area where it was applied. When it has completely cooled down, hold the skin taut with a single hand and remove wax in opposite direction of hair growth in one fast pull to the other side.   Be sure not to pull up as the wax might break and you will get difficulty in removing the remaining.


  1. Press the area were you applied waxing to relieve the pain and repeat the process.


  1. As there will be some missed hairs, simply use the tweezers to remove them.


  1. Clean your skin of wax residue using wax remover.


  1. Apply after-wax cleansing agents or any aloe-based gel.


  1. Two days after waxing, exfoliate the area where you performed the bikini waxing to avoid ingrown hairs. Should there be any, try to apply an ingrown hair serum in that area.