How to Wear Your Red Lipstick Correctly

How to Wear Your Red Lipstick Correctly

For most women, wearing red lipstick is definitely a universal classic, though some people claim that it’s now going out of style. Most women claim that they couldn’t wear it, due to the fact that the color (especially the rouge color) makes them look awkward somehow. The truth is, however, women can actually wear red lipstick, provided that they know the things which are listed below.

How to Wear Your Red Lipstick Correctly

  1. Find the right shade for your skin tone. The main secret behind wearing red lipstick is to know the right shade that will suit your skin tone. Red lipstick comes in different shades so you can just experiment in order for you to find the right shade that suits you.


  1. Make sure that you wear light makeup. A makeup artist had shared a simple tip, saying that you must only wear light makeup if you’re going to wear a red lipstick. Failure in doing this will definitely make you look like a clown, the makeup artist said.


  1. Fill the sides of your lips with lip liner before putting in your red lipstick. It’s a bare fact for every woman that red lipsticks tend to bleed a few hours after wearing it. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure that you put some lip liner first.


  1. Make sure that your nail color compliments with your red lips. When we say compliment, it doesn’t mean that you have to color your nails red, unless you’re planning to attend a Halloween party. Clear-colored nails will do the trick. If you want your nails to go red, just make sure that your nail color matches your lip color.


  1. You can blend colors in order to find the right tone. If the available red lipstick tones don’t suit you, you can just experiment by blending the color tones together. When it comes to this one, only you can finally say whether the color tone suits your look or not.


  1. Blond Hair looks perfectly with red lips. Most makeup artists said that red lips look perfect and incredible with red-colored lips. Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Sienna Miller are only a few of those women whose blond hair compliments with red lips. Needless to say, blond hair, pale white skin and red lipstick is will definitely make women look very amazing. Make sure, though, that a blond-colored hair suits you well.