What is an Ear Climber and How Do I Wear it?

What is an Ear Climber and How Do I Wear it?

To those who didn’t know, an ear climber is a woman’s ear accessory that is actually becoming popular nowadays. Unlike ordinary earrings, ear climbers are fastened starting from the earlobes up to the topmost part of the outer ear. Also known as ear crawlers, these are actually derived from the concept of ear cuffs which, as most of us know, were popularized by some street gangs.


Unlike before, ear climbers do have different styles, which can also be paired even with formal dress attire. Because of this, most internet sensations and foreign actresses are now being seen wearing these. Even though ear climbers are usually worn on one ear, you can still find someone actually wearing a pair.

What is an Ear Climber and How Do I Wear it?

Listed below are some of the Hollywood celebrities that are seen wearing ear climbers and how do they wear it:


  1. Keira Knightley (Pear-shaped Ear Climber) – During the Screen Actor Guild awards, Keira Knightley, who is popularly known for her astounding role in The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, is seen wearing a pear-shaped ear climber. Just like she did, women can pair this ear climber along with earrings that have a similar pattern. However, the look fits best with those who actually have multiple ear piercings.


  1. Jessie J (Black Ear Climber) – The artist and singer behind the music hit Flashlight had artistically combined two fashion trends during her appearance at Grammy Awards. By wearing cuff earrings along with an ordinary-looking black ear climber, the result had definitely become an eye-catcher. If you plan on doing the same thing, make sure that you pair your climber with cuff earrings of the same color.


  1. Jessica Alba (Graduated Diamond Ear Climber) – Mainly known for her role in Fantastic Four Movies, Jessica ‘The Invisible Woman’ Alba was actually seen wearing a graduated diamond ear climber during her appearance at the 2015 Forbes Women’s Summit. Because her hair is actually parted and pushed back behind her ear, the gleam of her climber had definitely caught everyone’s attention.


  1. Diamond Linear Ear Climbers – Unlike other ear climbers, linear ear climbers are known because aside from the ear lobe attachment, there’s a clip on the opposite side where you can fasten it on top of your ear. And since this one is encrusted with diamonds, always make sure that your hair is parted behind your ear in order for everyone to see it.