How to Apply Sunscreen

For Women: How to Apply Sunscreen When you’re Wearing Makeup

Because of global warming these days, it is very necessary for us to protect our skin whenever we’re under the sun. Knowing that too much of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are harmful, most people are now applying sunscreen as additional protection. This is very understandable, since our health is very important.

For Women: How to Apply Sunscreen When you’re Wearing Makeup


Women nowadays also know that sunscreen and makeup usually don’t mix. They know that such a combination could probably ruin their makeup and faces even if it’s just a couple of hours. However, this isn’t the case at all times. And if you’re interested to know this one, kindly read the instructions that are listed below.


  1. You must apply your sunscreen before anything else. Right after cleaning and patting your face dry, apply the sunscreen (must contain at least SPF 30 higher) and let it set for at least twenty minutes before putting on your makeup. This ensures that your sunscreen’s effect won’t decrease or mix with your makeup as well.


  1. Start investing on mineral makeup. As of now, mineral makeup as somewhat more expensive compared to regular ones. However, applying mineral makeup can enhance your UV ray protection especially if your daily activities involve getting out in the sun for fifteen minutes or more. Be informed also that your overall UV ray protection only depends on the product containing the highest UV ray protection.


  1. Use a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen as foundation substitute. Instead of using foundation, dermatologists recommend using tinted versions of sunscreen or moisturizer. As of now, such products are available for purchase online so make sure that you buy one for yourself.


  1. Always bring a tinted compact powder. Just like tinted moisturizer, a tinted compact one is also available for online purchase. Using such is very useful whenever you want to re-touch or fix your makeup.


  1. Make sure that the chemical ingredients in your sunscreen are photo stable. Photo stable means that such chemicals won’t eventually wear out even after being exposed under the sun for a long time. Most of us usually don’t pay attention to this so make sure that you’re using a well-known brand that had passed lots of clinical and dermatological tests.


Be informed, though that re-applying sunscreen isn’t needed if you’re not swimming or sunbathing in the beach. However, always make sure that you apply sunscreen at least once whenever you’re outside.