How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

For Women: How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Some people like big-looking eyes due to the fact that such eyes display sheer elegance, especially when it’s perfectly paired with your face. Due to the fact that some celebrities undergo various surgeries in order to make their eyes bigger, this one is slowly becoming a trend nowadays.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


We’ll just recommend you to have that kind of surgery if you want to have permanent results. However, if you don’t have the guts and the means to go under the surgeon’s scalpel, you can obtain this by using a little make-up trick. If you’re interested, this is what you should do:


  1. Curl your Eyelashes. If you don’t have perfect and long eyelashes, you can do a little contouring by using a hair curler before applying some mascara will do the trick. You can also do the curling right after the mascara has dried up.


  1. Use false eyelashes as substitute. Most women don’t use this one due to the fact that they somehow look awkward and ridiculous when wearing this one. However, most women don’t know that if you choose the right one that suits them, it will improve their look while looking natural at the same time. In order to achieve this one, try to find the one that suits you.


  1. Always keep your eyebrows manicured and contoured. Manicured eyebrows can do wonders in a woman’s overall look. In order to achieve this one, always make sure that you employ professionals in this craft.