Birthday Gift Love or Fight

Birthday Gift: Love or Fight?

Many people just happen to have a fight over what to give to a loved one of his or her birthday.  A birthday is definitely a day that can be stressful thinking over what to give that can be appreciated.  Most often than not, the great expectation that comes with the receiving of a gift from ends up the total opposite of what one really expects.  Because you equate the love that your partner has for you, you often expect too much.  On the other hand, your expectation also causes your loved one stress in choosing what to give you on your special day.

Birthday Gift Love or Fight
Birthday Gift Love or Fight


Birthdays are often times misinterpreted.  This is supposed to be the time when you’ve got to be thankful to the Supreme Deity for the life He had given you and this includes the life of the people surrounding you, your loved one included.  No amount of expectation must be allowed to ruin your day.  No material gift can measure up to the love you and your loved one have for each other. Giving yourself a reason to appreciate whatever comes your way. May it be a gift from someone special or the life of the people surrounding you, you have a lot to be thankful for.


Sometimes, you can’t appreciate the gift because of the way it was delivered.  Just because your loved one wants this day to be perfect and you to appreciate your birthday gift and stamp it with 100%% approval, he or she solicited your advice on the gift you want to have on your birthday.  Hence, when he delivered what you want for a gift on this special day, you fail to receive the thrill that is suppose to come with the package.  It’s because the gift comes as a result of a transaction.  Your expectation kills the generosity of your loved one.  Because it is truly expected, your partner was not given the opportunity to show what he truly felt, either for you or the gift through the occasion.


Expectation and demands ruin the generosity that comes with giving.  It creates an impact that could ruin the essence of the day as generosity becomes an obligation.  Demanding something that comes up to your expectation actually eluded the simplicity of the occasion.  Love here is trespassed as the person extending the gift is deprived of his or her chance to express what’s he/she truly feels inside.


If you want to celebrate your birthday true to its real meaning, get away from thinking of gifts you will receive especially from your loved one.  Gift is nothing when it doesn’t come from the heart.  Do you want to receive a gift which you know doesn’t bear any importance because it you who chooses it for yourself?


This year, give your loved one a chance to give you something special for your birthday – a gift that’s simple but comes straight from his or her heart with any of your influences.  Appreciation Ignites the Passion of Love and Gift-giving!