How to End a Wrong Relationship with a Married Person

How to End a Wrong Relationship with a Married Person

Whether you accept it or not, relationships with married persons are downright wrong. Having an affair with a married man or woman will definitely do you no good. Aside from getting yourself sued one of these days, it will also bring shame to you and your parents as well.

How to End a Wrong Relationship with a Married Person
How to End a Wrong Relationship with a Married Person


Just like other relationships, cutting off ties with a married person is very difficult, though not impossible. If you’re somewhat involved in this kind of relationship, you must do these before things get worse:


  1. Get yourself prepared from this possibility. Whether you like it or not, things like this must come to an end, especially if what you are doing is wrong legally and/or morally. If you have a relationship with a person who’s already married, get yourself prepared if you still can’t do it right now. However, always remember that the earlier you end this wrong relationship, the better.


  1. Get a Major Distraction to keep you occupied at all times. Whether it is a new and legal relationship, hobby or a long-time vacation, make sure that you get it. Getting yourself occupied with things other than your past love will definitely get you in the right place. A vacation is very handy especially if you don’t want to see the same places where you and your past lover used to mingle together. Studying once again is also a very good diversion. Not only will you achieve a new degree once you manage to finish it; newer horizons and job opportunities will also be opened just for you.


  1. Spend time together with your family. A family will always be a family, whether in good times or bad times. There are times that your family will reprimand you for what you did, once the truth gets out. However, this can also be the opportune time to remember the values your parents have taught you aside from keeping in touch with them once again. Not only will you get yourself some distraction; you will also have protection along with stronger family ties.


  1. Spend time praying and soul-searching. Whether you believe God or not, this is definitely the time get re-acquainted with moral values that your religion teaches you. However, don’t ever think that this is to condemn yourself for what you did. Always remember that nobody’s perfect. But whenever you commit wrong things, always make sure that you ask for forgiveness, not only to God but also to those who are involved with the wrongdoing. And also, don’t forget to forgive yourself.