How to Understand a Woman

For Men: How to Understand a Woman

Compared to a man, women are entirely different creations from the inside out. Needless to say, they tend to have different behaviors, approach to every situations, outlook towards one’s own life and lots more. The truth is, due to this reason that men usually tend to hurt a woman’s feelings without him noticing it. This is somewhat acceptable when it comes to acquaintances. However, in deeper relationships such as commitment and marriages, this can be downright dangerous.

How to Understand a Woman
How to Understand a Woman


Understanding Women

If you’re a man and you want to understand your woman more, be informed that there are loads of self-help books out there that can teach you a thing or two about them. However, be informed also that only a few books out there tend to explain this for men to read it in an easy way. For years, this almost looks like an impossible dream, that is, until The Man’s Guide to Women came into scene.


Written by Gottman couple John and Julie Gottman, along with the help of Abrams couple Douglas and Rachel Abrams, this 244-page book is especially written for men to understand their women in a clear and concise way. Unlike other self-help books that are out on stores out there, their advices that are listed here are also scientifically-proven. Needless to say, this is their compilation of years of data that they gathered, compiled and written in a book in the simplest way possible. Aside from being a self-help book for men, this can also help women since they can now provide information to their male partners in a clear and concise way. This means that they don’t have to stay very cryptic any longer.


The book’s chapters tackles the issues like how to do various things to a woman such as dating, make love and romance until ultimately, live with the woman you love for the rest of your life. This also tackles special issues, including issues that normally offend women without men noticing it. However, this is certainly not a guide on how to get women into bed and then leave her once the task is done. If this is your case, this is certainly not the book for you.


In addition to that, this book also contains a sort of cheat sheet at the end of every chapter where you, as a man, can find whether your actions and behavior towards your woman is either in ‘Hero’ or ‘Zero’ status. Needless to say, you’re definitely a Hero if you do things right, and a Zero if you do things otherwise.