Pornography : A ‘Deep Impact’ That Can Destroy Your Marriage

Pornography is a multi-million dollar industry, destructive in nature and controversial in standing. Particularly one kind—the hard core pornography—is devoid of stimulating aesthetic or emotional feelings on its viewers, but elevates carnal desire through vivid presentation of penetration and aggression.




Internet doesn’t help at all in dissipating pornography; rather the Web becomes a powerful medium in propagating it.  Presently, men and women alike can view pornographic videos in incognito mode.  With this rampant patronage, effects are becoming apparent and this includes marital strains.


So how do you detect if you’re a spouse is addicted to pornography? Some licensed psychologists gave a rundown of the symptoms:


  • detachment during sex
  • avoidance of sex
  • increase of emotional disconnection
  • repeated requests to use porn during sex (in some cases)




  • insatiable sexual appetite
  • pressure in trying out unusual sexual acts that were not practised before in the relationship


Effects of pornography to marriage:

  • emotional detachment leading to estrangement
  • lower self-esteem or self-worth to either of the party (with the viewer experiencing guilt)
  • lead to increase of rougher sex


If you’re the understanding party between both of you, how do you deal with this?

  • Communication is the best key as always. Tell him or her how you feel about it and suggest options on how to improve your sex life.
  • Keep the emotional connection
  • Seek professional help from certified sex addiction specialist or a certified sex therapist.
  • Fierce commitment to make things in marriage work.



Understand that dealing with pornography addiction is not an easy thing.  But we do believe that despite misgivings, problems and challenges, the ultimate solution is: LOVE.  Go back to the basic, the very root of your marriage, the reason behind your marital vow.  Love can heal anything as long as it is real and that you work and fight for it.