Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Save Your Marriage From Divorce – 3 Steps

Divorce is an ugly probability and reality most of the modern couples face in this era.  Not a long time ago, divorce is something like an embarrassment to couples who went through it.  This is not the case today since we hear news of people getting a third-time divorce from their respective spouses.  Sometime, you may even think if staying married to a single man or woman is still possible.


Save Your Marriage From Divorce
Save Your Marriage From Divorce


If you’re married and want your marriage to be divorce-proof, why don’t the two of you consider these things:


  • Friendship. When you are friends, love and respect goes hand-in-hand.  You are sensitive to one’s feelings and do your best in keeping your status undeterred.


  • Know, understand and deal your differences. You are two individuals who committed your life in harmony.  Despite the vow and love, in reality you can see your differences.  A wife may not like her husband’s disorganization.  Her husband may not understand his wife’s super organizational skills.  Regardless of these differences, at the end of the day, they understand each other and are willing to deal with such differences.


  • Communication. This is always a two-way process and if it is cut halfway, the process is merely ‘talking.’  Learn to communicate your fears, dreams, frustrations, guilt and happiness.  Let your spouse know more and more of you because if your bond and love is strong enough, you will continue to love each other despite the imperfection. The real cause in couples separating lies in the lack of communication heading to the lack of intimacy.  Loss of intimacy can be portrayed as a big highway leading you to divorce or separation of ways.