Eva Yelena Rickert

Eva Yelena Rickert: Top Model from Sacramento

Eva Yelena Rickert
Eva Yelena Rickert


Can you tell us something about yourself, including your social and college life?

I was adopted from Russia at the age of 7 with my two blood brothers by two gay guys from America. I have lived in California since I was 7. I moved from Sacramento to LA almost a year ago. I am 26 and reside in LA area. I’m not that social anymore as I have become more of an introvert as of couple years ago when I started to be more into internet marketing and really focusing on my priorities. I started hanging out with fewer people and enjoy being at home a lot. Sometimes, I do understand I need to get out and go enjoy the day, so I enjoy it with people that make me feel good.

I am currently not going to college but I do plan to again sometime. I plan on going to UCLA for my major Psychology.


Did you, for instance, attend fashion or modeling classes?

No, not really, modeling is not my passion. It’s an art, and that’s really the main reason I do it. Most of the time, I do it for the experience as well. I actually am taking modeling class right now but if I could get a refund in the class I would just because it was expensive and it’s not the focus right now.


Can you tell us the reason why do you think you’re fit to become a fashion model?

 Well, everyone tells me I “have the look” which is funny, because I never knew what that meant until I moved to LA. I am short, though, but I don’t want to be a runway model anyway. I am perfect for print and editorial because of my body and face as everyone tells me.


Can you tell us your goals as a fashion model? And if it’s okay for us to know, how do you see your personal progress in this field?

              Honestly, like I said, modeling isn’t a passion, so I don’t see it as a career. I have other focuses. But obviously, I wouldn’t mind landing jobs otherwise. I’m just not pursuing them. My personal growth isn’t just physical. It’s mainly mental. I want to make sure that as an artist, first and foremost, I portray the vision I see. I constantly want to be better than before as far as the photos I’m involved in, my modeling during shoots, and the photographers work as well. I don’t want to work with photographers who aren’t on my level and vision.


As of now, how much are you earning from this job?

              I’m not earning anything. If I reach out to photographers, it’s because I want to build my portfolio for myself which means they won’t pay me. If they reach out to me, though, I do have a rate of 100/hr and that just depends if they are willing to pay. Most aren’t. So I won’t work with them unless they are professional and are worth trade. When I moved to LA in the beginning, though, I was getting paid for shoots until it slowly stopped. It happens. It’s an independent artist way.


Can you tell us something about the advertisement industry and Photographers you work with?

              Not sure what you mean by advertisement industry. But photographers I’ve worked with have some eye to them. Something about their work has to stand out to me. I don’t work with typical want-to-be photographers. You have to have an eye for vision whether that be the way you take photos or the editing. I have worked with a couple professional fashion photographers who love my look and will gladly shoot with me. There are photographers that are professional who will still charge me because they aren’t settling for trade. Just depends.


How do you usually communicate with people? How do you deal with followers or admirers?

              I promote myself on all social media practically. I communicate with anyone and everyone if they don’t ask stupid questions or they don’t seem like a scam. Even when they are scams, I find out after awhile of communicating. I rarely reach out to anyone. If I do, it’s because I want to work with them.

Dealing with followers isn’t an issue so much as admirers. Admirers come in all sorts. Fetish weird to stalking. I’m really good about getting down to the dirty and getting rid of people who aren’t respecting my space or time. I have no problem blocking you. In fact, it’s the fastest way to get rid people like that. I love the admirers that only do that; admirer. Nothing worse than people who admire and scam you, though. Pretending to be you towards others, constantly scamming you through modeling pretending to be legit but instead wasting my time. It happens. The more it does, the sooner you catch it to be a scam. The admirers I really enjoy are the people who are genuinely into you as a person and they love your look and don’t abuse it.


What do you think are your limitations when it comes to this profession?

              I still have insecurities. Everyone does. But that’s honestly deep down, my limitation. My fear of not being good enough is always a thing, no matter what size. Sometimes, it keeps me from modeling for months, but all the time, it keeps me from going to agencies. Or maybe I’m just lazy about it because it’s not my passion, haha. Another main limitation that’s obvious is my height. But that’s really more of an issue for the runway than it is print work.


Is this your full-time job? If it isn’t, can you tell us about your other job/s?

Modeling is not full time. My internet marketing is practically full time. Acting is part time. I’ll be getting into acting more seriously soon. But my main focus right now is internet marketing. I would love to make the desired income online, to be able to work from anywhere in the world with just wifi is definitely my goal for now.


What is the most difficult modeling photo shoot for you?

I believe the most difficult ones are those that have to do with cold weather. I hate being cold, it pisses me off. I have no body fat, so I get cold easy. I also hate wind and rain together. Or just wind during shoots. I am probably limiting myself here, but that’s the beauty of me shooting when I want. Of course, if the job required me to be in weather I hated, but the pay was worth it, sign me up. I will suck it up if the circumstance is of value.


What does photo shoot mean for you?

A photo shoot means you as an artist has something to bring to the photos that the artist photographer has a vision for. With the two, comes a great collaboration of work where both are pleased with the outcome. It’s a collision of beauty. Each has their own job. I wouldn’t work with a  photographer who didn’t have a view of how he wants the shoot to look and I wouldn’t want to model for someone who abused my time. There comes a sense of the level of professionalism. In each photo shoot I do, I hope that I let my fears and insecurities aside and open up my mind to art. The photographer or the model can limit a photo shoot. A photo shoot to me means I have to be my best as a model.