How to Become a Glamor Model: Tips and Details of Becoming One


“Featured here is Kellie Dionne, one of the few models in history to work as a model in fashion, fitness, glamour, and to compete as a beauty queen for a world crown title”.

Glamor models are different from fashionmodels.  This particular group of models are fierce and don’t mind if they show off a lot of skin on their pictorials.  Their target audience are males so they need the right amount of sex appeal to capture attention. Magazines such as FHM, Esquire, Maxim and Playboy feature these models.

Kellie Dionne
Kellie Dionne

In order to become a glamor model, you must know certain facts about it.  Read along and be informed of what it takes to be one.


  • Unlike fashion models that must fall in certain requirement such as age, height and size requirement, glamor models have limited requirements. For one, they must be at least 18 with curvaceous but fit body.  Their faces must be stunning and striking, silky smooth skin, great hair and be the very embodiment of sexiness.


  • Most glamor models are female, but other magazines also feature men for the same cause.


  • While fashion models with their beauty and grace command people to buy accessory and clothing, glamor models use their charm so that readers will dream about her (or him).


  • Since glamor models have the so-called X factor, they are lined up for commercial ads. They work as product, swimsuit and lingerie endorsers. Moreover, they model for men’s magazines.


  • When it comes to nudity, the model always has the say about it. If you prefer not to bare it all, then arrange for your agency to draft contract sans nudity. Always bear in mind that you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.


  • If you’re aspiring to become a glam model, freelancing is not recommendable for you. Instead, look for a reputable and legitimate modelling agency that can help you with your aspiration.
Kellie Dionne
Kellie Dionne
Kellie Dionne
Kellie Dionne



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