How to Dress Like a Super Model

How to Dress Like a Super Model – 6 Tips

All of us have a supermodel within.  What we can and should do is to unleash them.  Here are few tips in how to help yourself bring out the glamorous and stylish you:

How to Dress Like a Super Model
How to Dress Like a Super Model


  • Simplicity and Confidence
  • Nothing can beat simplicity and confidence on a person. Can these two factors actually go together?  Well, most of the supermodels firing up the runway do! Off cam, they are usually dressed in simple clothing and this greatly helps when they’re meeting clients.  Their simplicity brings out their true lines and angles, making them blank canvass.  This way, clients can easily picture them wearing their clothes and accessories. Confidence, on the other hand, is what sets them apart from fellow pretty faces.


  • Basic Black
  • Black is the color that emits elegance, style, sophistication and also of: simplicity. Make sure that you have black shoes, dress, jeans, skirts and blouses.


  • Pair of Killer Heels
  • Look taller and graceful with a pair of killer heels. They often do the magic of being composed, slimmer and confident.


  • Chic designer shades
  • They say that no supermodel gets out of their home shades-less. Shades can bring out the mystery and sophistication within you, so be sure to have a pair.


  • Skinny Jeans
  • Skinny jeans go with almost everything and create an effect that you are longer and slimmer.


  • Simple but Fitted Jacket
  • Practical reason: jackets protect you from chilly temperature even during summer nights. With a simple and classic jacket, you can tone up or tone down a top or ensemble.