Leggings for Pant Lovers

Leggings for women have been typically restricted to athletic wear or gym wear or as bottom wear for something longer as a top. They have been omitted from the glorious list of pants for work or for casual wear as they were not deemed fit for it. However, 2017 has changed it all. Leggings can officially be worn as pants even to work now. It’s accepted and adapted. Fashion houses are focusing their efforts to make this change not just normal but super stylish.

Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin have taken leggings to another level of wearing bottoms. They have been spotted sporting some of the chicest looking outfits paired with leggings. These celebrities set the tone to wear leggings for women as pants with all kinds of outfits for all kinds of occasions, reasons and seasons.

In the Indian context too, leggings are popularly chosen by a majority of women as bottoms with kurtas and kurtis online shopping. They are supremely comfortable and flattering to the female form. The amount of free moment a pair of leggings offers is unparalleled.

Leggings are now available in a variety of materials including cotton, lycra, spandex, denim and even in leather. Most leggings are made of fabric that is sturdy enough to hold without wrinkles over a long period of usage making them the highly preferred. Not all leggings end with close to ankle hems as well. Some leggings are straight cut with an open hem making them ideal for office wear too.

Some ways to style your leggings as pants:-

  • Choose leggings that are made of a material that is not translucent all over. A few patches or stripes or a particular design with transparent detail is ok but not the whole legging. Needless to say, this helps ward unwanted attention for sure but also keeps you comfortable.
  • Choose tops that accentuate the legging if you are planning it for a casual occasion like a crop top or a bra let. In case of a bra let, it’s a great idea to pair up the legging with a waterfall shrug or a jazzy overcoat based on the timing of the occasion.
  • When wearing leggings as pants for office or any corporate event, it is a good idea to choose leggings that have additional firm up support across the hem and the waist. Leather leggings are great for office wear too. They are also handy for winters. Care must be taken to pair them up with the right kind of tops.
  • Leggings are a great option for all your Kurtis online shopping too. It’s a good idea to pick up leggings that match the kurti in terms of color and design too. If you are choosing a printed or a patterned legging, ensure the kurti is flowing with the pattern or print. If your choice is a plain legging then put it to use any which way you want. The generic rule of pairing up leggings with Kurtis is to make sure only one of them is heavy on the design front.