Major Mistakes Made by New Models

4 Major Mistakes Made by New Models

Models, most especially successful ones, live their lives glamorously.  With the household names of Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington… all of whom have stayed on the limelight despite their advancing years.  Surely these models have a trick or two up their sleeves to have such staying power in a world where even great beauties used to come and go in a span of a moment.

Major Mistakes Made by New Models
Major Mistakes Made by New Models


If you’re aspiring to become a part of these household names, know that there are pitfalls new models usually commit.  These mistakes often cost them their career, that even before they shine their brightest they tend to fall down.


  1. The “One Day Millionaire” attitude

We have to admit that the seduction of everything glittery and glamorous is a strong pull.  It’s understandable for new comers to feel this pull and think that since they’re earning, why not spend them?


Additionally, when you’re merely starting out, invest your money in basic snapshots.  Avoid enrolling yourself in expensive modelling classes as they’re not yet important.


  1. Unbecoming Snapshots or Digitals

Contrary to what you may think because of the overwhelming power of glossy photos on magazines, newbies must know that they’re assessed first on their basic photos captured by Polaroid or digital cameras.  Scouts and agents usually want to assess your bone structure, body symmetry and other details


  1. Unprofessional Letters

You’re looking for a job; hence, the need to create professional letters for your application must be brief, concise and precise.  A letter with nonsensical information and full or errors end up in a trash bin.


  1. Quitter Attitude

So your letter and portfolio got rejected… what do you do? Do you feel dejected and crushed all of a sudden that you’re paralyzed with fear so you withdraw from taking opportunities? Models even those who are already household names in the industry face rejection. Their edge is that they don’t take these rejections personally but make them into a positive source of strength.  As strong people say, “What doesn’t kill you, strengthens you.”