Kellie Dionne

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Kellie Dionne
Kellie Dionne

Can you tell us something about yourself, including your social and
college life?

My name is Kellie Dionne, I’ve been in the modeling and media industry for a number of years. I attended a small bible college pursuing business and biblical theology. At one point I also worked in Real Estate in land and development and sales along with sales management in the automotive sector. I have a great deal of experience in front of the camera as a TV host, a spokesmodel, and various commercials.


Did you, for instance, attend fashion or modeling classes?

There are so many different sectors of modeling that you really need to know where your fit is in the industry and practice poses every day.  I’ve taught the classes and have had many different types of acting classes.


Can you tell us the reason why do you think you’re fit to become a fashion model?

I feel its a good fit for me because I love it so much. I truly enjoy the aspects of media and the many sectors of the modeling industry. Fitness is a key part and you have to make time for it along with sacrifices in your diet, your workouts and with your time when necessary.


Can you tell us your goals as a fashion model? And if it’s okay for us to know, how do you see your personal progress in this field?

While modeling is something I enjoy my goals are to continue moving forward as a spokes model, or TV show host, along with a pursuit in a major TV show and film opportunities.


As of now, how much are you earning from this job?

Earnings vary, one month you can average thousands while the next you can have no bookings at all.


Can you tell us something about the advertisement industry and Photographers you work with?

When you are booked for an advertisement you are selling that product not yourself.

Advertising companies typically prefer to maintain relations with their preferred photographers. With that, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the best in the industry.


How do you usually communicate with people? How do you deal with followers or admirers?

Its important to be present. Be respectful and truly listen. There are two words that pertain to really listening and paying attention that contain the same letters, being listen and silence. In regards to followers, I always try to respond to messages and truly appreciate all their support. Your fans and your followers are a key aspect to ones success.


What do you think are your limitations when it comes to this profession?

Typical runway models are at least 5’10” so thats not really my strong suit. However, I have long legs so that helps. With the many sectors of the modeling industry that lead to multiple opportunities the limitations are few. I feel my eyes are my strongest feature which definitely helps in creating opportunity.


Is this your full time job? If it isn’t, can you tell us about your other job/s?

My full time job is still in media.


What is the most difficult modeling photoshoot for you?

Working with a photographer where the comfort level between the photographer and the model is not as comfortable as one would prefer. You need to maintain high energy and you have to deliver exactly what the photographer is trying to capture.


If it’s alright for us to know, what is your Date of Birth? What do you think is the reason why most women in this profession usually don’t tell theirs?

November 11 is my birth-date :). Both males and females in the entertainment industry are booked on their age ranges so it isn’t typical for most to release their birth dates.


Have you, in any instance, experienced getting fired in this profession before?

No, I’ve never been fired from any job in this profession.


What does photoshoot mean for you?

A photo shoot is as assignment where you are in front of a camera whether it be for photos for your portfolio or for a particular booking. When you are fortunate enough to be booked it is important to be on time and be  professional.


Please give us five words that describe you.

Gracious, Intelligent, Ambitious, Loving, Organized.


If you’re not a model right now, what do you think is the most probable job that you’re doing as of this time?

I would work in the sports sector or land and development. Also, I love cars and music so those are both strong interests for me as well.