For Women Only How to Wear Vests in Style for a Year

For Women Only: How to Wear Vests in Style for a Year

Most women know that wearing vests over clothing can either make or break their overall fashion sense. Aside from being intimidating, wearing vests without thinking of what clothes you are putting it over will make you look bigger. However, if you know your personality well, you can wear it to your advantage by pairing it up with the proper clothing.

For Women Only: How to Wear Vests in Style for a Year


Just like other clothes, a certain vest will look good in one person but look awkward in another. Needless to say, you have to make sure that the color and style of the vest that you are wearing will suite you. If you don’t know what to do, you can refer to some tips that are listed below:


  1. Use a fitted and cropped vest to show off toned arms and waist. If your body can be described as somewhat athletic, wearing a cropped vest will suit you. This is also perfect when you’re working inside a business office.


  1. Try an exotic vest with a-line skirt and heels. Even though these vests look somewhat folksy, wearing this combination will definitely suit those with adventurous personalities.


  1. Wear a vest as a dress. Some vests are designed to be worn as a dress aside from being the usual top clothing during warm months of the year.


  1. You can wear over-sized black vests over almost any dress inside your cabinet. Being an exception to the rule, you can wear over-sized black vests and you will still look great. While wearing this one, you can either wear it open to hide your figure or use a belted version to do otherwise.


  1. You can pair up your denim vest with any dress. Just like the black over-sized vest, a denim vest can be paired up with anything, starting from a spring dress up to a pair of jeans.


  1. Wear your vest the way men wear theirs. If you are somewhat inspired by menswear trend, you can start improvising by wearing your own vest over jeans or slacks and leather shoes. In order for you not to feel tomboyish, don’t forget to wear a red lipstick.


  1. Faux Fur Vests can be worn during fall or winter. Since it can be paired up with almost anything, you can wear your Faux Fur vest over leggings, tights, denim, dresses and much more.