Honda CBR250RR 2017

Honda CBR250RR 2017 Successfully Debuts in Indonesia

Just two days ago, the long wait for Honda Company’s 2017 edition motorcycle has come to an end. After months of waiting along with loads of different rumors and speculations, the Japanese company had successfully displayed the 2017 Honda CBR250RR in public view during its debut in Indonesia. Being one of the most anticipated motorcycles this year, the CBR250RR is actually a quarter-liter showcased and categorized as a Lightweight Super Sport concept motorcycle. News about this motorcycle had started to spread during the Japan Motor Show last year.

Honda CBR250RR 2017 Successfully Debuts in Indonesia

The company is very excited to reveal that the Honda CBR250RR’s specifications are designed to compete with Kawasaki Ninja 250 and Yamaha R25 when it comes to target markets.


Engine and other Specifications

Having a 250cc liquid-cooled, 8-valve parallel-twin DOHC motorcycle engine, the 2017 CBR250RR is said to have a very impressive statistics, even though the company had refused to display other specifications. This adds up to the excitement of those who wanted to own one. Looking at the outside, the 2017 CBR250RR’s design is definitely a big change, considering that Honda is more or less conservative when it comes to putting additional design to their motorcycles. The change had made the CBR250RR’s look become sporty and more aggressive. Still having the traditional dual-LED lights, experts are quick to point out that the motorcycle’s nose-down/tail-up style adds more sport to its overall design. The double-barreled exhausts also add up to its sporty appearance, not only in its look but also to its performance, the company had said. As a whole, the motorcycle is said to be slim in addition to the fact that all of its instruments, from speedometer up to fuel gauge are all digital.


And just like the others, the 2017 CBR250RR is revealed to have three different riding modes, the sport mode expected to be the most fuel-consuming. This is possible due to the presence of Throttle-by-Wire (TbW) technology along with the engine. The company promised that the motorcycle is comfortable to ride whether you’re driving inside your urban neighborhood or even inside the racing circuit.


It is said that the 2017 CBR250RR will be the company’s largest motorcycle displacement that is going to be manufactured in Indonesia. In addition to that, the company plans to begin its sales of the said model in Southeast Asian countries by the end of this year and inside Japan at a much later date.