Polaris Slingshot 2015

Polaris Slingshot 2015 : Three-Wheel Oddball Wonder

4-wheels and 2-wheels are so overrated at times.  Everybody’s been talking about the comfortable confines of cars and the free-spirited taste one can acquire using two-wheel motorcycles.   Thus, when one brings out the topic about trikes and one in the likes of the 2015 Polaris Slingshot at that matter, who dares to ignore the oddball.


Polaris Slingshot 2015
Polaris Slingshot 2015



Appearance and Design

Polaris Slingshot looks like a sled on wheels with angles worthy to be amongst the cast of Transformers movie.  Sharp angles dominate the automobile most especially the front fascia of our trike here.   The base Slingshot model ($19,999) sports Titanium Metallic body paint, 17-inch front and 18-inch rear set of wheels.


On the other hand, when you choose the SL variant which can cost as much as $23,999, you get the premium design of Red Pearl paint, the combo of 18-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels and a low- profile windshield.  It also comes with a media console complete with 4.3-inch LCD screen on the dashboard, a six-speaker audio system, Bluetooth connectivity and a back-up camera.



Underneath the Top Layer

Let’s check the fine components constituting the power behind Slingshot.  There’s the 2.4L EcoTec, 4-cylinder engine capable of outputting 173hp and 166 lb.-ft. of torque.  It is assisted by rear-wheel drivetrain through a carbon fiber-reinforced belt and a 5-speed manual gearbox perfect for odd ball speed-lovers.


The trike also hosts several car-like components including speed-sensitive power steering, ABS, stability and traction control, and a twin wishbone front suspension with a sway bar.


Polaris Slingshot 2015
Polaris Slingshot 2015



Bottom Line

Slingshot despite being a half-way between a car and a motorcycle is considered under the genre of two-wheel vehicles.  In the USA, that means that you have to wear helmet driving it.


As it appears to be, the trike doesn’t have the safety components of a car and definitely lacks its comfortable confines.  Even going inside feels already like a challenge only three-wheel aficionados can truly appreciate.