Triumph Street Twin

Triumph Street Twin: A Fourth-Generation Revamped Bonneville

Of all the classic motorcycles in history, the Bonneville is definitely a name for everyone to consider. Originally made by Triumph, a British Motorcycle Manufacturer, the Bonneville is being manufactured in over three successive generations. The first production originally started from year 1959 up to 1983, the second one from 1985 to 1988 and the third one starting from year 2001 up to 2015. And if you think that it’s going to end there, you’re definitely wrong.

Triumph Street Twin
Triumph Street Twin


To those who didn’t know, the Bonneville name was originally derived from the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. This is the place where Triumph and other motorcycle manufacturers are attempting to break the highest land speed records as of that time. And it’s interesting to know that the custom is still in effect up to this day. Due to the introduction of fuel injection in motorcycle engines in the already-modern third generation motorcycles, the fourth generation of Bonneville motorcycles finally arrived. Everything was revamped for this year, the Triumph Street Twin being one of them.


Being the entry-level Bonneville Motorcycle, the Triumph Street Twin now looks more modern in its 2016 edition. As a matter of fact, the 2016 Triumph Street Twin is now an all-new motorcycle, with new chassis, design, suspension and an all-new 900cc liquid-cooled High-Torque engine. What’s more interesting to find out is that the 2016 Street Twin has an ABS, Ride-by-Wire Throttle and switchable traction control features. This ensures the rider that, despite the motorcycle’s power, he or she will still remain in control of the motorcycle itself.


Experts have pointed out that, right before they test the motorcycle, it somehow feels small and compact despite its size. The 750mm high seat offers your pants a very likable seat, along with the fact that you can plant your feet firmly planted on the ground. Needless to say, this will definitely endear both men and women from different places around the world, aside from the engine’s sound being widely acceptable.



Experts are quick to point out that the Triumph Street Twin features the best of both worlds. Retaining the former Bonneville’s trademark classic lines, the Street Twin displays these features in a modern kind of way. It is also noticeable that the Street Twin’s design and styling is very minimalistic, since this feature is one of the customers’ long-time favorites. This is not only applicable in Britain and India; this also applies to the rest of the world as well.


  • Engine : 900cc High-torque Four-cylinder
  • Power : 54.20 bhp @ 5900 rpm
  • Mileage : 18 kmpl
  • Price : Rs. 6.9 Lakh


Triumph Street Twin
Triumph Street Twin
Triumph Street Twin
Triumph Street Twin