Triumph Thruxton R 2016

Triumph Thruxton R 2016 : When You’re Looking for that Classic Feel

About five decades ago, motorcycles had started appearing on national roads because of travelers who wanted to feel the air around them. And as we all witnessed, motorcycle improvements mainly rely on the engine. However, when it comes to appearance, only a few can be noticed, if in case there’s any. This is somewhat understandable since motorcycles are made as light as possible in order to conserve fuel.

Triumph Thruxton R 2016 : When You’re Looking for that Classic Feel

When it comes to motorcycles, only a few names are known, names that had made its mark for years now. One of these is none other than the British company Triumph and their resumed manufacture of motorcycles. Just for this year, the company had manufactured four new additional models along with Bonneville T120, one of these being the 2016 Triumph Thruxton R.


Unlike other motorcycles, the 2016 Thruxton R has the look of a classic motorcycle, especially if you’re going to look at the speedometer’s analog dials. Another side glance and you will notice that the motorcycle’s handles, side mirrors, and even the leather seating are all in classic styling. Because of this thing, motorcycle enthusiasts are now turning their eyes on this one.


Just as we have mentioned earlier, the 2016 Thruxton R contains an advanced motorcycle engine. The truth is, the motorcycle has a 1200cc Parallel-twin engine under its hood, the same engine that the Triumph Bonneville T120 motorcycle had. The test drive is actually very impressive, especially during the acceleration. However, you must not forget to take a very good hold or you’ll eventually find yourself lying on the road.


Looking at the other specifications, the 2016 Triumph Thruxton uses Brembo for braking systems, Pirelli Diablo Corsa rubbers for wheels and Showa and Ohlins for suspensions. The combination makes the ride somewhat stiff, though it’s wrong to assume that the motorcycle ride is downright arduous. The truth is, the entire ride also contains a classic feel, especially if you’re one of those who had tried riding a motorcycle that was manufactured two or three decades ago. The riding posture is also very acceptable when compared to the riding posture of those who prefer lower seating to their motorcycles. This is definitely a classic, but in an excellent and most acceptable way.


  • Category : Motorcycle
  • Engine : 1200cc Parallel twin engine
  • Power : 96Bhp
  • Torque : 112Nm @ 5000 rpm
  • Price : Rs. 9.10 Lakh