Municipal Careers

Municipal Government : 6 Areas Where They Perform Inspection

In some countries, areas are sub-divided into municipalities where they have also their local government.  The municipal government performs a lot of functions from which monitoring and inspection comes major.  Hence, careers sprout from these function most of which require associate or bachelor’s degree.  Here are the six main areas where they perform inspection:


Municipal Careers
Municipal Careers



Inspectors of construction inspect both commercial and residential properties to ensure if contractors abide by the rules and safety compliance.  These people are knowledgeable with all the laws and codes pertaining to construction as well as blueprints and construction plans.



Inspectors of building inspect both commercial and residential properties and they concentrate solely on building structures.  There are many areas that could be inspected within a building but they concentrate in how the building was constructed.  They work with internal staff as well as with external contractors.  They are also experts in laws, rules and regulations when it comes to building construction; thus, they can issue warnings or citations on building owners who did not comply with laws and rules.



Electrical inspectors ensure that building owners follow rules and laws appertaining to building electrical wirings.  They also check on or monitor newly installed electrical systems in construction sites.  They can read blueprints and plans so they can easily identify and troubleshoot electrical problems.



Plumbing inspectors do not merely inspect old plumbing but also join the team when it comes to ensuring safety on newly installed plumbing in construction sites.  They can cite or warn contractors and owners who do not follow safely rules and laws in this area.



These people handle inspection landscape and irrigation systems within the municipality.  They must have knowledge in areas of landscape, materials and equipment.   Landscape inspectors must bear safety first in mind at the outdoors to ensure that footing areas are complete.


Street Resurfacing

This group does not look inside the buildings but where roads and streets are being built.  They must ensure that contractors are in compliance with contractual responsibilities and plans even though they do not have the power to release citations.