How to Plan an Office Christmas Party – 6 Steps


The Yuletide season is just around a corner.  Christmas parties are being held almost everywhere—schools, communities, clubs and offices.  If you’re voted out to be the organizer of this yuletide event, what do you do?  You may have experienced organizing little parties, but Christmas is… well, one extra special occasion. We have jotted down some points that can help you in making the best office Christmas party yet in your company.


How to Plan an Office Christmas Party
How to Plan an Office Christmas Party


  • Assess your budget. Every element of your event organization will depend upon the figures of your budget. Evaluate everything from there and do the little steps.
  • Pick the venue of the party. This is the first of the little steps.  Be sure that your venue will fall right inside your budget bracket.  This can be tricky, but the good thing is you are surrounded by good friends and colleagues whom you can ask advice from.
  • Select a theme. You might want a creative festivity or an occasion with simple elegance.  It’s up to you and how your budget allows you to be.  Remember that Christmas is not only for kids, it’s for everyone.  So be sure that your theme can also be special.
  • Be extra meticulous on the food and beverage. Food is one of the most important elements within your organizing.  Ask around for good preferences and visit catering establishments.
  • Do not forget about the entertainment. There is a wide selection for entertainment.  It could be music, magicians, acrobats, casino tables and booths.  Select ones that are suitable for your theme.
  • Confirm the date. Before fixing the date, ask around and gather opinions.  Do surveys if you must.
  • Distribute invitations. When everything is smooth already, print out the invitations and spread the good news. Remember to include not only the employees but the big bosses as well.  Ask your boss’ opinion whether you will invite your business partners.


How to Plan an Office Christmas Party
How to Plan an Office Christmas Party



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