Donald Trump

The Most Famous and Outrageous Donald Trump Quotes

Due to the fact that Donald Trump is running for Presidential Seat for this upcoming elections, he has made quite a fuss during his campaigns and presidential debates. Being a great businessman and economist who owns most of the United States, Donald Trump had said things that made him both famous and infamous when it comes to those who know him.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump


These are some of the most famous Donald Trump Quotes:

  1. “If the Vatican is attacked (by ISIS), the Pope himself would only wish that Donald Trump became the U.S. President.” This is his famous retaliation when the Pope accuses him for being a non-Christian since he only thinks about “Building walls”.


  1. “You’re talking about George Bush. Say what you want but the World Trade Center came down during his time…” Donald Trump blames the former U.S. President due to the fact that the World Trade Center, the symbol of all U.S. Business power, was destroyed by Taliban during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.


  1. “…Our country cannot be the victims of the horrendous attack by Jihadists…” Just by saying a part from his whole statement, Donald Trump calls for a temporary ban of letting the Muslim immigrants get inside the United States.


  1. “The U.S. has become the dumping ground for other countries’ problems. Thank You…” Due to the fact that Mexicans are also risking their lives just to enter the U.S. grounds, this became a problem for the whole country. And as we all know, not only Mexicans but also other countries are going there as well.


  1. “I will build a great, great wall and I will make Mexico pay…” Donald Trump’s somewhat effective way so that Mexican immigrants going inside his country will be prevented had gathered rage from the Mexicans. And the truth is, most people think that THIS IS POSSIBLE.