Donald Trump Having Dirty Conversations About Women

Eleven-Year-Old Video Shows Donald Trump Having Dirty Conversations About Women

An eleven-year-old video was published by The Washington Post that shows the US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump giving out dirty remarks about women. The video conversation was originally recorded during the taping of “Days of our Lives” when the show had decided to invite Trump for a cameo appearance for the said soap opera.

The video started showing Trump talking with Billy Bush about some ‘Hollywood Dating’ matters, describing his tactics whenever he tries to date a star. He even added that he’s even kissing beautiful women right after meeting them, requiring himself to bring breath mints whenever the opportunity has it. In addition to that, the video also showed him talking to Bush about trying to date a married woman which, he added, had undergone some cosmetic surgery in order to change herself. During that conversation, the video had shown Trump and Bush noticing the actress Arianne Zucker waiting for them to come inside the set. That’s when the dirty conversations became worse.


Right after watching the 2005 video, the spokeswoman from NBC Universal had refused to give comments regarding the video. Trump, on the other hand, was quick to point out that the video is a private conversation that happened more than a decade ago in addition to his pre-issued public apology.  However, he was also quick to emphasize that his rival’s husband, ex-President Bill Clinton, had actually said something worse during their conversation inside a golf course.


Billy Bush, the one Trump was seen talking to, also issued a public apology, saying that he was very embarrassed and ashamed of his conduct after seeing the video. He also said that he was very young and less mature during that time, therefore making him more liable to committing foolish mistakes.


Right after its appearance last Friday, the Democratic bet Hillary Clinton condemned the act by saying that the video conversation was horrific. She also emphasized that such a man must not be allowed to become US President. Senator Tim Kaine, her running mate also told the reporters that it had actually made her sick to her stomach during her campaign in Las Vegas. Even the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the group that endorsed Hillary Clinton, also condemned the act and emphasized that Trump’s comments also amount to sexual assault in women.


Because of the video, Trump was also criticized even by his own party members. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, a well-known Republican, emphasized that women must be revered and respected instead of being treated as mere objects. He also mentioned that Trump will no longer appear with him during his Wisconsin campaign. Trump, however, said that his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence will be representing him instead during the campaign.